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we are less than two days away from the deadline when the u.s. government runs out of money and borrowing power and still there is no deal on the hill to raise the debt ceiling. i'm will thomas. good to have you with us at 6:00. here is what is happening. the senate has refused to vote on a revised bill this afternoon. craig boswell is breaking down what is in the bill that is up for a vote this hour and one of the reasons the deal is still not done. >> reporter: an 11th hour deal to prevent the united states
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from going into default on august 2nd could be at hand. with both sides expressing optimism that negotiations that have taken place throughout the weekend could break the partisan impasse. >> cooperation is the only way forward. compromise is the only way forward. >> reporter: a departmenttive deal between the white house and congress would raise the debt ceiling through 2012 and guaranteed cuts of $9 billion but a second debt limit increase would prompt one of three scenarios. first a bipartisan committee would identify $1.5 trillion in savings over the next ten years. those deficit cuts would be written into a bill that must clear congress. if not, congress must pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution and send it to the state's for consideration. if congress fails to pass either, the deal under discussion would force across the board cuts to government spending, including defense and medicare of $1.2 trillion.
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>> here is the key. whatever that enforcement mechanism is, it has to give both sides an incentive to compromise. >> reporter: compromise has been difficult and leaders have thought they were close to a deal before. house speaker john boehner has been walking a political tight rope as factions within his own party, namely today aligned with tea party, quashed negotiations by demanding more in spending cuts. >> sometimes people are so firm in their beliefs they think they have to vote for the debt ceiling increase, even though the majority of us believe that would be a mistake. >> reporter: the ongoing negotiations are described as fast and nearus with joe biden also deeply involved. a vote on the emerging plan is possible late tonight and lawmakers have been told not to go very far. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >> craig explained what is in the current bill. it might have sounded familiar, very much like the one house
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speaker boehner proposed. here is the differences. boehner's bill required another vote before the 2012 elections to make the second increase to the debt ceiling. in this plan there are votes on the proposed cuts but there is no vote to raise the ceiling again. that's a win for democrats. boehners bill did not include the second round of spending cuts and the most significant difference is the mandatory vote on the proposed balanced budget amendment if the committee falls short on the cuts but the second ceiling hike would happen regardless of the results on that vote. details matter in this case but a lot of you are fed up with the process and furious on both sides. we sent karen gray houston to get the pulse of the people on this. she's live with the people in northwest. karen, what are you hearing out there? >> reporter: we are live in adams morgan and people are saying they are sick and tired of the political posturing. they are frustrated by this
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process and they are eager to see an end to it. the debt ceiling, not exactly on the tips of everyone's tongue. at bitner's sports cafe, the focus was on, well, sports. >> i see you're not watching the senate debate? >> no. >> do you care about it? >> yes. >> the game is tied. we have a game. >> do you have any ideas where they ought to be cutting? >> i think expenses could be a good place to start. >> reporter: some of the brunch customers do have opinions. >> my family said prior planning prevented pis poor performance. >> reporter: and people are saying they should have stopped the madness long ago. >> i believe this country has forgotten how to compromise. i believe that each side should
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give a little bit so they can come to a lodge cal conclusion because we don't have much time. >> one thing that is overlooked is all of the doomsday talked about, we're going to lose our credit rating, if your spending 40% more than you earn every year, you should cut back the spending. >> they should be trying to fix it in stead of blaming someone for it. >> i'm keeping on top of it because i work as a sign language interpreter and a lot of my work is with the government so basically everybody who is working for the government right now is thinking that a furlough might be coming as early as tuesday. >> reporter: all of this talk about trillions of dollars in spending cuts, people are saying they want the rich to pay their fair share with higher taxes and also want entitled programs like medicare and social security to be protected. we did speak to younger city residents today and they said they don't think social security is going to be around when they retire, will.
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>> karen, thank you. it's a phrase i won't forget, prior planning prevents bleep poor performance. words to live by. everyone is still on the work tonight and we're still at work for you as well. even when we're not on television and not near a tv, the latest updates can be found at your finger tips, a developing story in iran. the two americans who were in jail after hiking across the border may have just one week before they can go home. shane bauer and josh fattal were arrested two years ago today along with a third hiker who has been home since. today was the final court session in the case. the lawyer for the men say the court will announce it's verdict on espionage charges within a week and he hopes even if the men are found guilty, they will be sentenced to time served. in other words, they would be set free. a prince george's county police vehicle was involved in an accident yesterday during a d.c. police escort. this is the area after the
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incident. our camera the only one there. the escort for a british soccer team had been approved by d.c. police in cooperation with prince george's county. d.c. assistance chief lamar green said the county vehicle lost its front license plate in the accident at 7th and virginia and proceeded on with the escort detail. it's not clear what happened to the other vehicle or why the officer didn't stop to at least make contact with the owner of that vehicle that was hit. starting tomorrow, alexandria police start taking your picture if you run a red light. the cameras at three alexandria intersections will be activated. you can see the intersections on your screen. the cameras will operate 24 hours a day. if you run the red light, just like in the district, the cameras take your photo, take a shot of your license plate and send you a ticket in the mail. a fundraiser for the nephew of maryland congressman elijah cummings. christopher cummings was shot to death during a home invasion
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near old dominion college campus back in june. friends and family held a car wash and bake sale in dumfries to raise money for a scholarship fund and reward money for information leading to a killer. >> chris would be so proud of the turnout. we've had family coming from baltimore and parts of virginia. we had friends and students and friends from the area who went to high school with christopher or were friends of his from when he was a little boy to come by and support as volunteers. >> so far no arrests have been made and police haven't publicly identified any suspects or motive. a dangerous weekend on maryland's waterways. investigators have found the body of a boater who went missing in anne arundel county. charles rider jumped into stony creek off the back of a friend's boat yesterday afternoon and then just after midnight a sailboat and powerboat collided in the south river. six people went to nearby hospitals, two of them by
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chopper. no word on their conditions. conditions in afghanistan once again turn deadly. but now the commander is under orders to plan a withdrawal. find out how soon some american troops could pull out of afghanistan. and sue, what is going on? you should be poolside on a sunday? >> this is what i call living large, coming in to fox 5 on sunday. i'm glad to be here. but it's another really hot day. 99 degrees. at least july is about over. we'll set a lot of records this month. i'll let you know if there are any more in our future. fox 5 news will be right back. 
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libian civilians were killed yesterday in a fateo air strike on state television facilities yesterday. nato carried out the attack in tripoli. it targeted three libian state television satellite transmitters. a nato official said the organization is aware of the reported deaths but cannot confirm them. libya officials say three station employees died and 15 others were hurt. some say it was international terrorism on a nonmilitary target. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is now on notice. he has two months to submit a detailed plan to bring american troops home. that as more lives are claimed. fox's lauren green has more. >> reporter: just a few weeks after taking the job, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john allen, is ordered to submit a plan for the
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initial withdrawal of american troops. mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, announcing the order during a visit to that country. he said u.s. forces are making that progress in their campaign against insurgents but it's pushing up pressure of islamabad to push out. >> pakistan is home to many terrorists. they are home to the headquarters of al-qaeda who still is an organization that plots to kill as many americans as they possibly can. it's home to other terrorist organizations. >> reporter: admiral mullen talks about a strategic partnership between the u.s. and afghanistan, saying it will take some time. >> it takes hard negotiation and a very clear understanding of what the issues are on both sides and that work is ongoing. >> reporter: meanwhile a series of deadly attacks continue
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across the country. on the day before the islamic holy month of ramadon begins, a bombing killed 10 people. the taliban claims responsibility for the attack which targeted police officers. there are about 100,000 american troops currently in afghanistan. under president obama's plan, 10,000 will be brought home this year and another 23,000 by the end of next summer. in new york, lauren green, fox news. it is one of those phenomenon that you can't just take your eyes off. a volcano spewing lava from the earth's core. where it is happening and find out what it is -- affecting on the other side of the break. 
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one of those amazing sights you can't get tired of looking at. italy's mount aetna erupting again. it is the most active in the world and this is the fourth time in a month that it's blown its top. winds are blowing away from the runways at nearby airports. so far all of the flights are on schedule and no one has been hurt in the eruption. people in a new york city suburb think their neighborhood was wrecked by a tornado. look at westchester county. power lines are down and winds got up to 60 miles per hour. one neighborhood said the storm
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only lasted maybe 20 minutes but the damage it did will take days to clean up. >> you can see that trees have been knocked down in sort of a weird erattic pattern so it looks like something came through like a tornado. >> it was more important for us to be okay. cars can get fixed, houses can get fixed, people can't be replaced. >> the national weather service is investigating whether it was a tornado. we have enough of tornadoes. >> one of those days my mind and mouth will coordinate. but one thing i can spit out, kind of a break today. it wasn't as humid. >> terribly hot. but it's 98 degrees right now but the dew point is 44. that's unheard of for d.c. >> and that means you can be outside and not break into a full sweat. >> exactly. your body can cool off easier. but the heat is take a toll. and it's a south wind and it's extremely humid at this time of the year and today's wind is
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out of the north and west and that's a dry direction down the mountains and getting heated up sand drying out and that's why the skies are so blue. so a pretty day. but can you believe that again today, 99 degrees. not a record. the record is 103. dulles was 97. bwi marshall 98 degrees. good thing july is just about over because we have certainly been breaking a lot of records. i'll show you those in a moment. we are still hanging on to 98 degrees here in d.c. it's been a little cooler elsewhere. we had a couple of storms fire up along the bay and that helped to cool down places, leonardtown, annapolis, better at 89. cambridge to 86 degrees. and stevensville at 88 degrees. but most of the rest of us still really hot and we've had a dew point divider. it's been much more humid down to the south and also to the east and that's why the storms fired up there and not everywhere else. when we fatter in the heat index, our current temperature is 98. our heat index is 98. so that shows the humidity is
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not bad. fredericksberg feels like 100. 87 for leonardtown. so the heat indices is extreme. and not only is this the hottest july in d.c., it's the hottest month we've ever had in d.c. some of the highlights, or low-lights, 14 days in a row so far this month at or above 90. very few days not over 90. three of those 14 days were over 100 degrees, including last friday when we hit 104 degrees. not a humid day but that 104 was the hottest since 1997. well how is this week shaping up? our average is 88 degrees now so we're starting to see temperatures drop a little bit in terms of the 30-year averages but we should still be 96 degrees tomorrow. tuesday maybe a little better. a couple of thunderstorms around with a weak front coming through tomorrow. tuesday about 93. wednesday is 94 degrees and thursday is 92. so we think another stronger front may come through on wednesday and we're keeping our fingers crossed that will make it more comfortable for you.
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and the dew point really low. we don't put on a scale in the 40s because it's so rare for us to get that except for in the winter. tomorrow the dew point climbs but between 60-64. not too bad for us during the day tomorrow. maybe in the afternoon it climbs a little bit to get closer to 65. so that's more noticeable. but i still think humidity is going to be in check tomorrow. but we also may see a couple of thunderstorm -- thunderstorms firing up. showers on the eastern bay as a bit of a bay breeze and the dew point got things going. heck of a lot of rain across the carolinas and that is continuing to push away with flash flood warnings. here is your max hd future cast. you can see that one or two lonely showers or storms my still hang around but we get through 4:00 or so tomorrow, and mostly storm-free. but there is a chance they'll develop tomorrow evening and into the later hours as a result of a weak fronts that going to try to cross -- that
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are going to try to cross. and a weak front on wednesday or thursday and it doesn't look widespread. a stronger front will try to swing on through then. and the next few hours about 76 degrees. and here comes august. tomorrow is the 1st and we're still hot with a few afternoon thunderstorms and not widespread and 96 degrees. at 8:00 in the morning, 83. by noon about 94. and by 5:00, our temperature at 96. so here is your five-day forecast. i wish i could tell you we have temperatures in the 80s. there are some hint that's perhaps a pattern change is going to happen maybe sometime not this week but next week, will. but right now you can see that august is going to start the way july ended. >> thanks sue. good to have you here. >> good to be here. this time of year out door concerts are popular but the folks you're about to meet should bring more sunscreen
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than we would. you've heard of woodstock, but we'll visit nude-stock. >> reporter: they come for the live music and to check out the craft and the tye die. >> i use beautiful colors and i use dyes. >> reporter: and almost everyone here is nude and loving it. >> well it's just liberating for some reason. >> it feels good. >> it's not confining and the breeze is blowing and it's comfortable. >> no competition. >> you can pack light. >> well not really, the shoes. >> reporter: kurt and molly malloy show us ther v they use as home for days. >> how are you? i'm 58 and will be 59 next month. it makes you younger. >> the nude-stock festival is being held at the deanza
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springs resort near san diego. >> we are 523 acres around we have rv sites. >> reporter: and they say as soon as people drive through the gates they feel free. >> this is when i'm at my most comfortable. this is my outfit, my accessories. >> it's a sense of feeling you don't get anywhere else. >> reporter: this man first went nude at blacks beach. >> i've had my friends says that weird, dude, but get out here and try it and you'll see. >> reporter: but most of all they say it's the people and the easy-going nature that makes nude-stock. >> very enlightening to see the people and feel so comfortable. everybody has the same parts. >> reporter: from the deand yu springs resort, jenny hill, fox 5 news. coming up in sports, redskins training camp in full swing.
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lindsey murphy is up next with why a key member of the defense can only watch. and i'm blushing.
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good afternoon. after two days of training camp practice, the redskins are off today but still made moves. announcing in the last hour they have tim hightower with the cardinals in exchange for vonnie holiday and an undisclosed draft pick. high tower is ending the fourth season in the nfl after spending the first three with the cardinals. they selected him in the 5th
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round of the 2008 draft. the 25-year-old high tower is a local product from alexandria. he attended a nearby high school and the university of richmond. three redskins have been put on the physically unable to perform list. robert hen son due to a knee. and leron landly due to lingering problems with his achilles and kareem moore is coming off of knee surgery. landry was placed on injured reserve and missed the last seven games. and the lackout didn't help. he was unable to rehab under the care of redskins trainers. he's attending practice but not able to participate in all of the drills. >> i get teary eyed not being out there but i'm making progress. at this point i'm taking a day at a time. i feel healthy, but like i said a day at a time and making positive strides and looking forward to get back on the field. >> any time you have someone
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with an achilles, you feel like there is going to be a setback. an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. we'll make sure he is healed before we practice him and when he's ready to go we'll put him out there. today's 4:00 p.m. trade deadline has come and gone and soren is still around. he was the focus of many trade talks but no worries, he is still dawning the curly w. the nats were trying to build on last night's win. zimmerman and the nats looking to take the rubber match against the mets. we pick it up, bottom of the 6th with a man on 2nd. morris to right and that is the third straight nats double. zimmerman scores giving the nats a 2-0 lead. top of the 9 and a 2-1 game, and soren one out away from a save. but not so fast. scott harrison, brother of the recently traded jerry with the second home run of the game and that ties us at 2-2. and bottom of the 9, desmond off of the pitcher's glove and that is
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ankiel diving in. 3-2, the nationals beat the mets taking two of three in the series. the orioles and yankees, bottom of the 3rd, 0's lead. derek jeter plunked hard by jake arrieta. he would suffer a bruised right middle finger but x-rays were negative. bottom of the 4th, gardner shot to right is fair and clearing the bases. a three run triple. the yankees defeat the o's 4-2 to win three of the last four in the seares. today the mia ham and garciaparra soccer challenge was held at castle stadium. the goal is to make awareness of bone marrow disease. number 24 kobe bryant was one of the big-time sports celebrities on hand as was redskins cornerback deangelo hall wearing number 23. he took advantage of an off-day from camp. >> at first i thought we were going to be in practice and it was going to be difficult for it to happen but for coach to
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give us the day off and give our bodies a chance to relax and the heat out there is way crazier than it is right now. so i'm just out here enjoying myself. i feel like i'm in some 80- degree weather right now compared to what is going on down at redskins park. >> skins on the field tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. >> i'm still feeling that plunk that jeter took. ouch. we're back tonight at 10:00 and for you're news edge at 11:00. we'll see you then. 
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